Monday, June 2, 2014

The Truth About Ukraine

By Paul Gregory (Hoover Institution and University of Houston)
Yesterday, President Obama gave a commencement address to the cadets at West Point. Here’s what he said about Ukraine:
This weekend, Ukrainians voted by the millions. Yesterday, I spoke to their next president. We don’t know how the situation will play out, and there will remain grave challenges ahead, but standing with our allies on behalf of international order, working with international institutions, has given a chance for the Ukrainian people to choose their future — without us firing a shot.

Here’s what he should have said:

This weekend, courageous Ukrainians voted by the millions, some standing in line six hours, others defying threats of violence. Despite long odds, they rallied behind a consensus candidate on the first round. They have a government that no enemy can call illegitimate. The Ukrainian people have held their country together in the face of foreign aggression. It is they who fight on the front lines on our behalf and on behalf of international order, with minimal help from international institutions and the United States – without us firing a shot.
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