Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Economic ranking of political parties           

By the Editorial Board of VoxUkraine
Ukraine is going to have a highly competitive parliamentary election in a week. Polls suggest that eight parties are going to make it. While some voters are dead set in their preferences, many voters are still uncertain about their choice. Indeed, there are many new faces in the political arena. If party programs provide any guide to how these parties are going to behave in the future, there is a broad spectrum of possibilities offered to voters.
We asked 13 economists from leading academic and policy institutions in Ukraine and abroad to evaluate the economics of each party’s program. Here is the ranking:
  1. People’s Front (Yatsenyuk)
  2. Civil Position (Grytsenko)
  3. Batkivshina (Tymoshenko) + Poroshenko bloc
  4. Samopomich
  5. Opposition bloc
  6. Communist Party (KPU)
  7. Radical Party (Lyashko)
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